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Scientists, have for more than a hundred years now, known of the fatal effects of certain frequencies of ultra violet light on germs. The DNA of certain micro-organisms can be scrambled through direct exposure to Ultra Violet-C band light (254 NM) eliminating their ability to reproduce, which ultimately kills them off.

Disinfection Technology Based On Ultra Violet Light

To avoid the spread of potentially fatal infectious diseases through the air, ultra violet light disinfection is used in sanitizing surfaces and equipment. This technology is also used to sterilize food items before packaging in the food industry. Finally, water treatment facilities also use this method to purify water without the use of chemicals.

Destroying Germs Using Light

Germs are usually defenseless against UV-C light which is usually filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. The light kills germs by interrupting their reproduction ultimately leading to their death.

Improving Air Quality Indoors

Indoor air pollution, which is said to be about 5 times more than outdoor air pollution, poses a substantial health risk to individuals according to the EPA. Bacteria, mold, allergens and viruses in indoor air are all neutralized using UV-C light as it goes through the air circulation system, thus improving its overall quality.

The light frequencies making up Ultra Violet light cannot be seen with naked eyes. Microbial organisms have no defense against UV-C light due to the fact that it is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. The light kills germs by penetrating their outer cell walls and interrupting their DNA.


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