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Edison Defender Residential

Residential Indoor Air Quality

Per the EPA, the quality of your indoor air is frequently up to five times more polluted as the air that is outdoors. These issues include odors, molds, bacteria, toxic chemical vapor, allergens, and viruses. Since all of these can pass through your central air conditioning system, it only makes sense to use an Edison Defender which gives homeowners a more practical and cost-effective solution to the issue. Our HVAC contractors can assist you in selecting the correct model for your home and needs.

Edison Defender – DETOX THE AIR

The Whole House Air Purifier

You can Detox the air with an Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation unit. This is an award-winner technology for clean air and it removes both germs and bad odors. It also works on volatile organic compounds that are frequently toxic. The Edison Defender will also keep the air in and around your home fresh and clean. There are a variety of models and configurations available on the market today.

Edison Mag Tube

The Original Low-voltage UV Light Kit

The Blue-Tube UV is a very popular germicidal UV light that works for HVAC systems. It offers essential disinfecting for your central air system and a robust as well as innovative design. There are several to choose from and our HVAC contractor can assist you in selecting the right model.

Mini UV Splits

The First UV Light for Mini UV Splits

Introducing our award-winner UV lighting systems for mini UV splits. There are a variety of limited space applications. Mini UV features offer a small shielded and UV lamp that is 9inches long and 3/8 inches in diameter. This unit is small enough that you can fit it into compact tight spaces.

Edison Purity

The Ultimate Whole-House filtration Plus UV Light Plus PCO

Purity will offer you an enhancement for your indoor air pollution quality. Featuring not one, not two, but three technologies which reduce airborne microbial contaminants, it’s unsurpassed. Energy efficient, it’s easy to install and it’s easy to maintain. Available in all normal sizes.

AHU Series 1

The Original Edison Defender

AHU Series 1 has a heavy-duty and switchable water-resist power supply unit that will support up to 4 of the Edison Defender lamps. Ideal for many applications; even in harsher environments or those that require more than one lamp.


World's best whole house UV light and activated carbon air purifiers.

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