The Germ-killing UV Light for Mini-Split AC

Mini-split AC systems are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Unfortunately they are, like all AC systems, prone to internal mold growth. Mold growth robs efficiency and can be a health risk as well.



The Mini-split Edison Defender

Germ-Killing UV Light For The Mini-Split AC

The mini-split AC systems have gained a lot of popularity over the years across the globe. These systems are just like any other AC system and are susceptible to mold growth internally. The growth of mold decreases the efficiency of the system and can become a significant health risk when left untreated. Over and above mold, there are many other airborne biological-contaminants which include allergens, pollen, viruses, and germs which breed in the system or are spread into the air through the AC system. Up until now UV-light systems for disinfection were too big for the mini-splits. This problem was solved with the innovative Edison Defender – Mini-split System.

The Award-Winning Design

The current UV-lights are too big for the mini-splits, which is why we created the Mini-split System by Edison Defender. This system has shielded miniature lamps that are only 9%u201Din length and a 3/8%u201D diameter that is compact enough so that it fits into the tightest spaces.

What Does The Edison Mini Do?

1. Keeps The Blower Wheel Clean

Mold will thrive in moist, wet and cool interiors inside a mini-split AC system. The Edison Mini is a proven and effective solution to sterilize not only mold, but also biological contaminants. The growth of mold can decrease how long the air-system lasts as well as wasting energy due to the reduction in efficiency. The Edison Mini will kill the mold as well as reduce the frequency of maintaining the system.

2. About Indoor Air Quality

The EPA stated that air pollutants indoors are in a lot of cases at least 5-times worse in comparison to outdoor-air and is the leading cause of many health risks. Edison Defender Mini-Split automatically improves air-quality indoors by sterilizing viruses, allergens, mold and bacteria out of the air in the process of cycling the air through an air-system.

How Does The Edison Mini Operate?

1. The Germ-Killing Characteristics Linked To UV-C Light

For decades scientists have studied the germ-killing characteristics associated with this type of light. Due to the fact that frequency levels of this UV light which is filtered by the Earths atmosphere all microorganisms are defenseless against it. This light works on mixing up the DNA in these microorganisms which prohibits reproduction.

2. About The DNA Scramble

When the UV-C light penetrates through the microorganisms cell walls, it works on completely scrambling their DNA. This is what prevents reproduction and growth.


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