AHU Series 1


The Original Edison UV

AHU Series 1 has a heavy-duty and switchable water-resist power supply unit that will support up to 4 of the Edison Defender lamps. Ideal for many applications; even in harsher environments or those that require more than one lamp.



About The Edison AHUS1

The Germicidal UV Light Used In HVAC Systems

The UV AHU Series 1 by Edison Defender is UV light system (germicidal) that is positioned in central air systems where it works on suppressing mold growth on cooling-coils as well as surrounding areas. At the same time, it improves the air-quality in your home. This device is available in a single/dual or a triple/quad configuration for the most comprehensive UV light disinfection.

The Heavy-Duty Power Supply

The 120-277 auto-switching VAC power-supply is entirely sealed and can be mounted in moist and wet locations. The UV lamp cables also incorporate a completely waterproof-connector design along with the 6%u2019lead that allows for the safe-routing of the cables inside the air-handler. This power supply is also available with the optional 120 VAC plug.

Lifetime Warranty

We have such confidence in the overall quality of the manufacturing and design of this product that it features a lifetime-warranty on all of the parts excepting the UV lamp which needs replacing every 1 to 2 years dependent on the model.

What The AHU Series 1 Does

1. Cleans The Coils

Mold loves moist and cool interiors of the central air systems. The UV-C light has been proven as an effective measure to sterilize mold along with other types of biological contaminants. Coils that become moldy reduce the life-span of an air-system and they also waste energy in the way of reducing efficiency. The UV-C light effectively destroys the mold and minimizes the requirements for system-maintenance.

2. Improves Indoor Air Quality

The EPA states that air pollution indoors is in many cases up to 5 times worse when compared to outdoor air and represents a number of critical health risks. The AHU Series 1 improves the air-quality in homes in the way of sterilizing viruses, bacteria, allergens and mold in the air, as it goes through cycles inside the central air-system.

How Does The AHU SERIES 1 Work?

1. The Germ-Killing Power Of UV-C Light

Over the last century, many scientists have been aware of germ-killing properties associated with UV-C light. The frequency of this light is always filtered-out from the Earth’s atmosphere, all microorganisms do not have any defenses against it. The light works on scrambling their DNA and stops them from growing and reproducing.

2. DNA Scramble

UV-C light will penetrate cell-walls of any microorganism and then scrambles their DNA. This process is what stops these microorganisms from reproducing.


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