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FAQs For Edison Defender

I don't know where I'll purchase my Edison Defender UV system?

What is the cost associated with owning one? These units are almost always installed by HVAC contractors. The contractor sets his price. This price is normally determined by the product and difficulty of installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble finding a contractor in your area. We’d be happy to help.

I Need To Know Where To Find Replacement Bulbs For My Edison?

Eyes lamp replacements are conducted by HVAC contractors because UV-C light is dangerous. They normally perform this function at the systems routine check-up. Be sure to contact us strait away if you continue to fail to find a contractor in your area. Trust us, we can find one.

What's The Warranty With This Product?

There is a lifetime guarantee only all the parts our great product comes with. (except lamps) Of Course, our smaller version, the mini UV only comes with a 5 year warranty. Lamps come with the smallest warranty of all, 1 to 2 years.

How Does UV Light Kill Bacteria?

Bacteria cannot reproduce when its DNA is disrupted. That’s exactly what happens to it when a UV light starts to glare. It kills them all.. UV lights in nature are normally filtered out and into the earth’s atmosphere. This has lead to the microbes having no defense to it. They’re killed instantly.

Is UV Light Ideal And Safe For The Whole Family?

All the killing of the germs happens inside the machine and is completely confined to that area when a UV light system resides in a central air system. No living beings will be harmed except the foolish bacteria that decided to carry itself in the air into the central air system.

Should You Look At The Light?

It isn’t a good idea to look at a lit UV light. They can leave a sort of sunburn on your eyes. Unplug the unit if you’re ever planning on working on it.

Should The Light Be On Only When The Blowers On Or Is It Okay To Keep It Lit Constantly?

These products are meant to be on all the time, 24 hours a day. Mold contamination won’t cease when the blower isn’t running, and cycling the light shortens the lifespan of it.

How To Keep The Air Pure When The AC Or Heater Isn't Running ?

You can always run the air system in fan mode. This can be done even when the A.C. and heater are shut off. With many programmable thermostats will have this as a setting.

Can The Lamp Be Changed From A 1 To 2 Year Device?

Yes, you can switch out Edison Defender lamps. Replace and upgrade when it’s time to replace your one year model.

Is It Time To Replace If Its Been Glowing For Two Years?

Yes, the effectiveness of the lamp seems to go down after this time period, even if it’s still lit. ‘1 Year’ and ‘2 Year’ lamp year spans suggest when the lamp will continue to be effective, not when they will cease to be lit.

Will This System Help Me Fight Mold Around The House?

No. The system can only kill things it makes direct contact with. An example of this would be if some microbes that got sucked into its air system. It can’t kill something that’s on the interior of the house.

How Do I Kill That Smell Coming From My System In The Hot Weather?

Have a HVAC technician come to check your device out. If the cooling coils collect mold it can create an irritating smell. We have the right equipment to kill the mold and get rid of the smell. Consider an Edison Defender air filter if there is just a general odor coming from your device. Edison is specially formulated to fight the source of household odors so that more people will be breathing cleaner air.

Can UV Light Damage Anything Inside The Air System?

No, this isn’t possible. Gentle germicidal techniques are administered so that the machine does not destroy itself.

Is There Any Harmful Radiation From The Edison Defender?

No, this machine does not utilize a dangerous type of radiation.

The light kills germs by giving them a good sunburn and only works on those things directly. The only thing you’ll notice enter the home is clean air.

Is It Okay To Touch The Lamps?

Be careful not to touch, look directly at or expose delicate flesh to UV lights. Unlike a lot of other lamps from other manufacturers, Edison can be handled when the light has gone out. This is due to the Edison being made of high quality quartz.

Do Sunglasses Make It Okay To Look?

No. Even though these rays won’t pass through sunglasses, they still carry the potential to cause serious damage to the skin. Make sure the lights are all the way out before performing maintenance on the system.

Will This Rid My House Of Radon?

No. Radon occurs naturally as it seeps into buildings from the ground below. It is not an organic compound so the Edison Defender most definitely will not kill it. The Edison defender is designed to kill things like bacteria.

Will The UV Light Kill All The Kennel Cough Germs?

It most certainly will, as it kills most microbes. However, the machine has limitations on how far it can reach. Luckily, The Kennel Cough is an airborne illness that the machine can kill through its air filtering system. So no kennel cough bacteria will be left behind.

Can This Device Be Transferred?

Yes, Edison devices can typically switch air systems.

Is There Any Ozone Produced By This Device?

This device certainly does not create ozone. In fact, it benefits the air by removing layers of it. This product is not only good for your home’s ecosystem, it’s also good for the world’s.

How Long Before The Germicide Begins?

The killing happens instantaneously. Most of the germs are gone by the end of the first couple of minutes. The rest are gone by the end of the day.

Do Any Of Your Products Remove Particles That Are Ruining The Air?

Do Any Of Your Products Remove Particles That Are Ruining The Air?

Should the Edison Defender Always be installed on the return or supply duct?

It is always a good choice to install your Edison Defender on the supply duct. That way unfiltered air won’t deposit unwanted materials on the carbon cells. If Supply Duct Installation cannot be achieved than it is acceptable to install the device on the return side.


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