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The Edison Defender Commercial Series UVGI

If you are looking to save when it comes to equipment life, energy, and HVAC maintenance, the Edison Defender is your answer. Each building could benefit from UVGI, which stands for ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. When you install the Edison Defender UVGI system, you will notice an incredible amount of savings when it comes to both maintenance and energy. Such systems improve air quality indoors for occupants by working to cut down on toxic VOCs and airborne biological contaminants. We are available to help with great solutions for all retail, hospitality, corporate, medical, and industrial applications.

The Difference With Edison Defender

You will find that Edison Defender is a lot more than great equipment. You will have assistance throughout the design as well as the installation process. We have the highest level of confidence in the products we provide that we also offer a free trial for your installation for all of the new customers we have in the continental United States.

Coil Disinfection

Usually caused by mold, biological fouling is a problem that is common with commercial air handlers. The moist, cool air of the interior of the system becomes a breeding place for mold. Having 0.002″ biofilm can cut back on efficiency by around 37%. Conventional cleaning for killing mold can be expensive as well as labor intensive. You also have the introduction of harsh chemicals that can lead to environmental contamination and health risks for maintenance workers.

UVGI helps to sterilize cooling coils on a continuous basis in a safe and effective manner 24/7. Edison Defender’s L System, Edison Rack System, and Tubular Rack System are all made to help cut back on biological fouling within the coils, so they pay for themselves in both maintenance and energy savings.

The L System, as well as the Tubular Rack system, are ideal for disinfecting coils. The Edison Defender works to reduce VOCs and odors as well as disinfect the coils. A smaller commercial air system of up to 7.5 tons can be used with one of our AHU Series 1 products to help with coil disinfection.


According to ASHRAE, ozone is harmful and should never be used in any occupied space. With the Edison Defender Commerical Series UV-C lamps, you have the confidence in knowing that they do not produce zone and the Edison Rack System helps to remove it from the air around you.

TUVC – Standard UV System

You have high-quality lamps that are water-resistant with the Edison Defender Standard Commercial UV System and it comes with easy L mounting brackets. You also have a water-resistant, heavy-duty, and multi-voltage power supply that comes along with a lifetime warranty. You have the option of high-output lamps to help with intensive air treatment or you have normal-output lamps to help with surface and air treatment.

This is the most popular commercial product we offer. With the Edison Defender Tubular Rack System, you have flexible, easy installation that comes with all the mounting hardware and lamps you need for mounting. It is designed to be used with the 1/2″ EMT tubing or the option of custom steel tubing. You have the ability to go with regular output lamps for treating surfaces and air or you can go with the optional high-output lamps when you need air treatment that is more intensive.

VOC/Odor Reduction

At the source of just about all odors are VOCs, which stands for volatile organic compounds. Any unpleasant odors that come about in an animal care, medical or business facility can be a major issue. VOCs are the source of unpleasant odors and they can be toxic. Certain chemicals like acetone, toluene, and formaldehyde can pose a significant health risk and lead to indoor air pollution.

Edison Defender technology was originally formed for use with whole-home residential duct-mounted systems for purifying the air. This has been adapted to work for larger systems in commercial spaces with the Edison Rack System. This is award-winning technology that is a combination of activated carbon, titanium dioxide, and UV-C light to help absorb and then neutralize the air’s VOC molecules as they go through the HVAC system.

There is no ozone produced with Edison technology. With a smaller system, you can look into a duct-mounted setup that you will find on our residential Edison Defender page. The carbon cells of an Edison Defender will trap and then hold the VOC molecules to neutralize then using PCO, or photocatalytic oxidation. This PCO reaction will help to keep the cells clean, which means they should never need replacing.

Edison Rack Systems (TUV-C Edison)

This is the most advanced system we have for commercial use when it comes to air purification technology and the Tubular Rack System. The cells of the Edison Defender have activated carbon that is infused with titanium dioxide. This reacts with UV-C light to help capture and then catalyze the VOCs that cause odor and are potentially toxic. Proper use of this system requires ample ventilation.

Airborne Disinfection

Any airborne infectious disease can be a serious health threat and it can be connected to HVAC equipment. When it comes to yoga studios, clinics, hospitals, veterinary, and elder care facilities, the airborne pathogens can easily spread and threaten the health of any patrons, which is also a liability risk for owners. Edison Defender offers a solution with high-powered airborne pathogen killers.

Airborne Duct Systems (TUV-C-ADS)

This is a product perfect for hospitals and a variety of other applications when there is a strong need for airborne germicidal disinfection. Installed in HVAC ducts, it helps to maximize air exposure time. The exposure to surface materials becomes limited due to the use of high-output 32″ lamps using UV to maximize airborne killing power. Go with grid or radial configuration for best results and more lamps can be used in accordance with the length and size of the ducts.

Room Disinfection

Using a high-output germicidal ultraviolet light is also great for room surface sterilization. This is crucial for facilities like food processing centers, hospitals, and veterinary clinics to cut back on the spread of biological contaminants. The Edison Defender commercial system tackles surface disinfection in any space that is prone to such contamination.

ESDS Room Disinfection System

This is a system that uses UV-C lights for germicidal power to clean room surfaces whenever an area is not occupied. The UVGI system comes with high-output overhead lighting and has an internal power supply as well as door interlock safety switches. These Edison Defender lamps come with high-quality hard quartz in a Teflon, shatter-proof safety coating. You also have the bonus of a metal fixture that encapsulates the power supply. You have the option of one or two lamp models.

Small Systems

If you are looking for a smaller system, we have germicidal UV systems for fan coils, mini splits, PTACs, and smaller air handlers. The Tight-Fit kit is great for smaller applications and we have a variety of options to choose from for applications in air handlers, furnaces, and more.

Tight-Fit Kia

This kit allows you to get the benefits of UV germicidal light for a limited-space application, including a lot of the PTACs and fan coil units that you will find today. The kit allows the ability to locate lighting these units for optimum UV exposure where there is limited space.


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