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About Us

About Edison Defender

As an innovative leader in the indoor air quality industry, Edison Defender is an award-winning product that uses UV light and carbon to fight mold, viruses, bacteria, as well as odors for commercial and residential HVACR systems. Including Blue-Tube UV products, this is the world’s popular germicidal light using UV. Revolutionary Edison products that use carbon to cleanse the entire house using the air purifier, and finally, the Mini UV which was the first of the UV lighting systems that were designed for the mini-split AC systems.

Our company continues to strive in our engineering and developing as well as marketing our products in order to meet the demands for a greener lifestyle and a healthier world and environment. With popular germicide UV lighting systems for central air and to improve the indoor air quality we strive to enhance HVAC systems that perform well and reduce maintenance costs.

Ozone Free

We’re committed at Edison Defender to making the most cost effective, reliable and safe air purifying products that are available and possible. With so many concerned in regards to the safety of the ozone and other reactive oxidizers for removing odors and with the recent ASHRAE Documents on Filtration as well as Air Cleaning, it’s clear that the industry requires change. Today, more than ever before, many of the air purifiers used in the broadcast exude large amounts of ozone as well as other airborne oxidizers that are in our homes. Clearly, this needs to change.

Innovation Is Key

For us, our success is possible as a direct result of the commitment that we’ve made for research as well as development. We have a variety of patents that are pending and a variety of patents that are striving to create practical problem solutions that will help to benefit the environment and ultimately our health.

Corporate History

Edison Defender originally was formed in 1997 as an HVAC company which would provide high quality air conditioning and air quality services. In 2001, our company decided to expand its focus to the manufacturer that made advanced indoor environmental purifying technology and developed a series of products that include the Edison Defender which is a germicidal UV air treatment system.

Keeping the focus on new and innovative products, in January of 2003, we released our patent pending duct mounted and Pulsed UV Air Treatment for single pass treatment which treats airborne micro-organisms that are used in commercial applications. In the year 2005, and the year 2006, we released a series of our Blue Tube UV products which all offer quick and easy, low voltage solutions for the HVAC contractors to install the UV-C lights in a variety of applications. This is leading the market with their innovative design.

Green Mission


UV Products Offer Health And Energy Conservation

We manufacture a wide array of germicidal UV light products that are all designed to reduce the usage of energy and the system maintenance requirements. This can help to increase the longevity of the products and equipment. Products such as heating, ventilation and even the air conditioning all work together. Fan coils, ice machines, and even grease hoods.


Leed Accreditation

Leed accreditation of the Edison Defender meets or exceeds all of the accreditation requirements for the indoor environmental quality via using less system maintenance as well as cleanings with chemicals that may be hazardous.


Product Recycling

We re-manufacture and warranty all returned products.


Energy Conservation

The following programs have been implemented:

  • Higher SEER VAriable-Speed Systems.
  • UV-C Lighting And Purity Filtration.
  • Thermostats that can be programmed.
  • Energy Star Ballasts and CFL lamps.


World's best whole house UV light and activated carbon air purifiers.

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